Referal program

Ermine presents an invite-and-earn referral program consisting of three levels.

Everyone can join the referral program without conditions, it is enough to have a crypto wallet and some Ethereum to pay for gas during registration.

Any member of the program will be able to earn or buy a status for themselves to receive the best interest rates from your invitees.

How it works
To register in the referral program, you will need to connect a crypto wallet in the Ermine application. Members of the referral program receive a percentage of the amount of purchases of virtual miners by new invited participants and a percentage of further purchases of those who are invited by your invitees up to level 3. For each invitee, you will receive ERM tokens as a bonus.
Each referrer will have a status [bronze, silver, gold, official] depending on the number of invitees and the amount of ERM on his account balance.
The referral program is based on the principle of network marketing, which will be the main marketing program of the Ermine project.
Referrer Status The required number of new invited buyers (referrals) Must be on account balance, ERM
Bronze set by default set by default
Silver >= 2 ---
Gold > 19 > 1,999 ERM
Official > 39 > 7,999 ERM
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In the absence of a sufficient amount of ERM tokens on the referrer's balance, his status will be reduced to the level corresponding to the achievable conditions. A referrer can fix (buy) his status without the possibility of losing it for the minimum amount of ERM necessary to maintain his status, if he has the required number of referrals.
Reward Tablefor referrers by
status and level
(level) of referral
Bronze Silver Gold Official
% +ERM
% +ERM
% +ERM
% +ERM
8 +24
9 +27
10 +30
10 +30
3 +9
4 +12
5 +15
5 +15
2 +6
3 +9
4 +12
4 +12
Gold Bricks
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*Referrers with Official status have additional benefits over Gold status. Official status will allow you to make direct sales of virtual miners while taking up to 20% of the purchase amount of his referral. In the future, the list of benefits will be supplemented.
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