Virtual mining & miners Ermine

Ermine is a Web3 application in the world of decentralized finance (DeFi).
Virtual miners are issued to mine the Ethereum cryptocurrency (Real Yield) or can be involved in staking.
You can earn by participating in mining, staking and referral program.

Virtual mining

Virtual mining, unlike hardware mining, does not serve as a support for the health of the blockchain network.

All virtual mining operations are carried out in smart contracts within the blockchain. In order to profit from virtual mining, you must have a virtual miner and include it in one of the mining pools.

Some mining pools with a minimum miner connection period may require collateral in Ermine tokens (ERM) (guarantee against premature disconnection of the virtual miner before the end of the minimum period).

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Virtual miners, unlike hardware miners, have many advantages, evaluate their quality.

Stored in a crypto wallet as an NFT
No software update required
No overheating issues
Has no physical volume and masses
Works under a smart contract without freezes and breakage
Doesn't make noise
Electricity consumption is not required
No maintenance required
Ermine Miners

The release of miners is limited in advance by the circulation in the smart contract. The main parameter of the miner is its performance measured in IPS. The more expensive the miner, the more productive it is and its 1 IPS will cost less. Select miners and add them to the order.

Ermine BIT
Performance:1 IPS
Price:1 IPS = 0.0700 ETH
0.07 ETH
Ermine BYTE
Performance:8 IPS
Price:1 IPS = 0.0625 ETH
0.50 ETH
Ermine ECO
Performance:12 IPS
Price:1 IPS = 0.0592 ETH
0.71 ETH
Ermine LITE
Performance:38 IPS
Price:1 IPS = 0.0563 ETH
2.14 ETH
Ermine Master
Performance:64 IPS
Price:1 IPS = 0.0556 ETH
3.56 ETH
Ermine Expert
Performance:132 IPS
Price:1 IPS = 0.0541 ETH
7.14 ETH
Ermine PRO
Performance:198 IPS
Price:1 IPS = 0.0534 ETH
10.57 ETH
Ermine PRO MAX
Performance:398 IPS
Price:1 IPS = 0.0499 ETH
19.88 ETH
Mining Pools

The abbreviation PPM or software mining pools perform operations according to the logic of a smart contract. When creating a PPM, its parameters are stored in a smart contract. Once the settings are saved, they cannot be changed. The first PPM "Guaranteed pool" has no restrictions and does not require security. The yield of a guaranteed pool can be up to 28% per year of the nominal price of a virtual miner.

Additional pools can generate more returns. Such pools can be limited in duration, require collateral in Ermine tokens (ERM), have minimum terms for including miners in the pool. Calculate your potential return with calculator.

Profit calculator

Determine your possible income that you can get from virtual mining. For calculations, you need to specify the number of miners and select a pool to connect them.

Choose miner
Your costs for selected miners:
0.00 ETH
Choose pool for miner setup
Add the residual price of the miner You can return the miner under the ReturnVM program and get 30% of its price back
Maximum income Minimum income
Mining for 24 hours 0.00000 ETH
Mining for 7 days 0.00000 ETH
Mining for 30 days 0.00000 ETH
Mining for 365 days 0.0000 ETH
Residual price 0.0000 ETH
0.00 ETH Per year
Operational activities, search for partners and investors, work with the community, marketing activities are carried out regularly.
Q3 2022
  • Idea
  • Planning
  • Documentation preparation
  • Developing ecosystem algorithms
Q4 2022
  • Issue of Ermine (ERM) tokens
  • Issuing virtual miners (EVM)
  • Primary audit of ERM token smart contract
Q1 2023
  • Preparing for the seed sale of ERM tokens
  • Primary audit of EVM smart contract
  • Ermine preorder
  • LaunchPad for Ermine seed sale
Q2 2023
  • Audit smart contracts
  • Ermine Store Opening
  • Launching the referral program
  • Launching a built-in liquidity pool with an exchanger
  • Ermine token listing for built-in pool
  • Launching bonus pools (staking)
Q3 2023
  • Audit smart contracts
  • Launch YSM yield smart contracts
  • Ethereum Virtual Mining Launch
  • Second round of raising funds
  • DEX Listing of Ermine Token
  • First listing of Ermine token on CEX (the list of crypto exchanges is not disclosed)
  • Expanding the Ermine ecosystem into the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network, setting up and testing the bridge between networks
Q4 2023
  • Deployment of Ermine Ecosystem on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
  • ERM listing on DEX in BSC network
  • Evolution of profitable YSM smart contracts
  • Audit smart contracts
Q1 2024
  • Launching the return system for virtual miners ReturnVM
  • Release of a limited series of Ermine virtual miners
  • Implementation of algorithmic control for profitable smart contracts
  • Testing decentralized YSMs
Q2 2024
  • Roadmap continuation will be published no earlier than Q3 2023
Token standartERC20
Name and tickerErmine (ERM)
Total supply800,000,000 ERM
Contract 0xda542de...1bc1CbFd06 Copy Address
Investors 12.50 %
For Ermine 12.10 %
Referral program 7.39 %
Airdrop for users (gift) 0.13 %
Founders and team 7.88 %
Bonus and reward pool 12.43 %
Built-in pool liquidity (BLP) 47.57 %
Ermine team
Roman Mak
Team management. Blockchain developer. Developer of interfaces and algorithms. Analysis of crypto markets.
Team Lead
Max Petchenko
Web design and mobile adaptation.
UI&UX Designer
Vladimir Kharichkov
Creation of scripts and animations. Interface integration.
Full stack developer
Artem Do
Creation of 3D objects and animation.
3D Artist & Modeler
Roman Foomi
Development of a marketing strategy. Preparation of promotional materials. Promotion interaction.
Evgeny Daw
Creation of logos and elements for design.
Graphic Designer
Handling user requests for help and preparing responses.
Support manager
Work with texts and content. Preparation of language translations.
Content manager
  • When will the Ermine store open so that I can buy a miner for myself?

    The Ermine store will open in the first quarter of 2023. To not miss this event, follow us on Twitter and subscribe to the channel on Telegram.

  • What cryptocurrency can be mined using Ermine virtual miners?

    First of all, virtual miners will be able to mine the Ethereum cryptocurrency. We plan to create partner pools for mining tokens in the Ethereum ecosystem.

  • What is the Ermine (ERM) token for?

    1. Guarantee against premature shutdown of the miner. Pre-defined mining pools may require the connected miners to be constantly running for a certain period of time. The provision serves as a guarantee that the conditions for the performance of the miners in such a pool will be met. If the conditions are not met, then the security is non-refundable. 2. For ERM tokens, you can improve the conditions of the referral program. 3. Creating liquidity for the ReturnVM miner return system. 4. Participation in bonus pools.

  • When will Ethereum mining pools open?

    Virtual mining will be launched at the end of the second quarter of 2023. At the start, at least three mining pools with different conditions will be available.

  • What is ReturnVM?

    ReturnVM is a miner return system. After returning the miner to ReturnVM, you will be able to return 30% of the nominal price of the returned miner.

  • Will I be able to use Metamask or Coinbase wallets?

    You can use Metamask, Coinbase, wallets with WalletConnect, Formatic in Ermine store and dApp. Other connection methods may be added.

  • How can I get an Airdrop of Ermine Tokens (ERM)?

    The first 10,000 wallets will receive 100 ERM at a time. To do this, you need to buy a miner or take part in the referral program or connect the miner to the pool.

  • For what purposes do you plan to attract funding?

    We are building the Ermine project and investing money from creditors and our own savings. Raising funds is necessary for operating activities, promotion and development of the project, security audits, listing and liquidity.

  • Is the Ermine team anonymous or public?

    The Ermine team is public, open. We love to communicate, take part in forums, conferences, meetups and are ready to conduct a dialogue with our partners.

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