Technical characteristics of the token and its distribution
Token standartERC20
Name and tickerErmine (ERM)
Total supply800,000,000 ERM
Contract 0xda542de...1bc1CbFd06 Copy Address
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Investors 12.50 % 100,000,000
Ermine Company Fund 11.84 % 94,799,453
Referral program 7.39 % 59,088,000
Airdrop for the first buyers of miners 0.39 % 3,000,000
Founders and team 7.88 % 63,072,000
Bonus and reward pool 12.43 % 99,468,493
Built-in pool liquidity (BLP) 47.57 % 380,572,054
Total supply 100.00 % 800,000,000
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The maximum supply of 800,000,000 ERM tokens was issued when deploying a smart contract on the Ethereum network.
Rules and conditions
for the distribution of ERM tokens
  • To the Investors

    It is planned to sell ERM tokens in two rounds. Tokens purchased by investors will be unlocked for withdrawal gradually. The price of the ERM token, the unlock rule and the conditions for investors will be determined at the time of the announcement of the start dates of the token sale.

  • To the founders and team of Ermine

    The tokens reserved for the team will be unlocked gradually in the DEV pool, starting from the 90th day after the start of virtual mining at 1 ERM per second, for two years.

  • Airdrop for users (gift)

    A total of 3,000,000 ERM is allocated for the Airdrop. All first-time buyers of virtual miners will automatically receive ERM tokens to their wallet at a ratio of 1 IPS = 100 ERM. The more you purchase in your first transaction, the more ERM tokens you will receive as a gift. Once the allocated limit of ERM tokens for the Airdrop is exhausted, the Airdrop will conclude.

  • Ermine Company Fund

    Not for sale. Not for distribution and gifts. Tokens can only be used for liquidity, insurance and marketing purposes.

  • Bonus and reward pool

    ERM tokens reserved for rewards in staking pools will be distributed at least 3 years from the start of staking. Read the technical features of staking pools in the “Staking” section (p. 16).

  • For referral program

    ERM tokens reserved for referrer rewards for virtual miner sales have a minimum of 1,231,000 sales. Read more about the referral program in the “Referral program” section.

  • Using an ERM token

    The ERM token is designed to the functionality within the Ermine ecosystem. It will be utilized in the liquidity pool, the return system for miners, and certain premium features can only be paid for with the ERM token. Additionally, the ERM token can be used to generate profits in staking pools.

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ERM tokens earned from paid options constitute the revenue of the Ermine company. The decision regarding their utilization will be made by the core members of the Ermine team.
Technical characteristics
of virtual miners
Each category of miner has a name, a 3D animated graphic clip uploaded to IPFS, performance measured in IPS, miner emission and miner price.
There are 12 categories of miners in total. 8 categories (0-7) will be available for purchase at the start of the opening of sales. 4 categories (8-11) will be available after 180 days from the start of the opening of sales.
Token standartERC1155
Name and tickerErmine Virtual Miners (EVM)
Total supply12 cat.
Category Name Performance, IPS Total supply Price, ETH
0 Bit 1 1,000,000 0.07
1 Byte 8 500,000 0.50
2 ECO 12 300,000 0.71
3 Lite 38 100,000 2.14
4 Master 64 50,000 3.56
5 Expert 132 20,000 7.14
6 PRO 198 10,000 10.57
7 PRO MAX 398 5,000 19.88
8 LE 50 50 50,000 2.71
9 LE 100 100 20,000 5.29
10 LE PRO 200 200 3,000 10.43
11 LE PRO MAX 500 1,000 24.86
Ethereum from the sale of miners is distributed as a percentage
Referral program 19%
Ermine fee for developers 1%
Liquidity of the ERM token in the built-in pool for the miner ReturnVM system 30%
Funds for lending and renting 50%
Total:0 ETH
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