Completion of one of the stages

The main smart contracts have successfully passed testing. In the coming days, we will deploy the smart contracts to the Ethereum main network. We have revised the concept of yield formation and will try to update the documentation very soon. The next stage for us is the implementation of user interfaces and smart contracts for treasury. We are moving according to plan. Soon, you will be able to buy real virtual miners. If you still want to get a discount on the purchase, we recommend hurrying up and filling out the application form.

If you want to invest in Ermine, you still have the opportunity. We have remaining tokens from the pre-sale amounting to 31,500,000 ERM. Currently, the price for 1 ERM = 0.00001 ETH. The minimum investment amount is 5 ETH (500,000 ERM).

To do this, contact us on Telegram: @ErmineOfficial or via email at

See you soon!