Ermine Quarterly Announcement

Hello everyone, friends!

Do you think if we are not heard, then everything is the end?

No, we are not in favor of making a news gun, we work for the result.

During this time, we have developed and tested Ermine Store smart contracts, a referral program and BLP. Developed various variations of Web3 interfaces. That's what. We will soon launch Ermine Store and referral program.

We remind you that we have launched Launchpad and we collect Ethereum for Ermine. We have completely filled the Soft Cap. 30 ETH collected. Now we primarily accept and consider applications from funds and legal entities. So, dear individuals, wait a little longer. We have pending applications from you totaling almost 25 ETH. We will be able to offer you the purchase of ERM tokens only if we do not sell them to funds. Like this. But do not despair, during this time we have established contacts with 12 crypto exchanges, they are already very eager to list the ERM token. If you are unable to buy ERM tokens now, then you can do it on one of the CEXs where we will be located.

And a little advice to you, don't waste your money on any meme tokens, that's how you save your money! We monitor the market and only about 0.5% of MEME token traders make a profit - this is not a joke. Consider your opportunities to invest in fundamental projects.

Ermine is not a simple product, we have been working on Ermine since August 2022 and we are just getting closer to launch. And we still have a lot of work to do.

We wish everyone patience and be healthy!