Ermine Store is open, and Airdrop is here.


We have completed the website update and launched the virtual miner store on the Ethereum mainnet. To make a purchase, you can connect almost any crypto wallet and pay for the selected miners.

What about the Airdrop?

We have increased the number of Ermine tokens in the Airdrop and allocated 3,000,000 ERM for it. All first-time buyers of virtual miners will automatically receive ERM tokens in their wallet at a ratio of 1 IPS = 100 ERM. The more you spend on your first purchase, the more ERM tokens you will receive as a gift. When the allocated limit of ERM tokens for distribution is exhausted, the Airdrop will end.

We currently do not predict the exact price of 1 ERM or its price at the time of listing. However, it is a great opportunity to get a nice bonus right now. Show your activity.

In the mainnet, we have deployed smart contracts for the store, referral program, LP pool, exchange, and the ReturnVM buyback. Now we are starting to develop UI/UX for the web3 application and treasury and finance management smart contracts.

We have reviewed the concept, reduced user risks, and will made changes to the whitepaper. Some functional features in the Ermine ecosystem will be implemented differently than previously intended. The new whitepaper will be published in January 2024, along with an update to the documentation.

We are frequently asked when the ERM token will be listed on an exchange. The answer is affirmative – it should happen in 2024. Before that, we will conduct another fundraising round.

Currently, we offer private investment. The price of 1 ERM is 0.00001 ETH. The minimum investment amount is 5 ETH (500,000 ERM). To invest and purchase ERM tokens, contact us on Telegram: @ErmineOfficial or via email at

In the new year, many positive events await us. Don't miss your opportunity to join Ermine.

Happy upcoming New Year and joyful holidays to all of you!

See you soon!